West Storm

The West Storm of the Jomsborg Brotherhood is one of five Storms in our organisation.
Each storm is linked to an area globally and, as such, has characteristics that are unique. 

West Storm is primarily commanded from southwest Sweden and covers the widest geographic area of the Jomsborg, with Lags in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Australia and New Zealand. Additional members in UK, Netherlands and Finland.

We encourage freedom of the individual and a relaxed approach to events, but at the same time promote regular gatherings and international training sessions, so that West Storm can perform as one unit when required. To be part of West Storm is to be part of a team and a brotherhood.

West Storm consist of:



Skane Lag - Aaron Nilsson

Lag Gleipner - Jenny Borggren

Manegarm (prospect) - Robin Arnfell

Varangian Guard (prospect) - Johan Nilsson


Starigard - Ulrich Warkentin

Eikthyrnir (prospect) - Kai Steidel


Walgard - Jakub Przedzielewski



Sudhird - Fathma Nachiar


Lag New Zealand (prospect) - Martin Cribbin/Darin Nancarrow


Lag Denmark (prospect) - Martin Broholm


If you want to know more please feel free to contact us at carlweststorm@gmail.com

Carl Edmondson 
West Storm Commander