The Jomsvikings are the world's leading Viking re-enactment organisation. Our warriors train intensively in the established Jomsviking Fighting System using authentic Viking age steel weapons. We are the internationally respected fighting force; the most spectacular, dynamic and striking Vikings alive today!
This site has been created to fulfil a number of roles, it allows those who know nothing about us to learn something of us.
It allows those who know of us to learn more about us. It is a fortress of information for our members and others. Within the pages of this site you will find out about where we have come from, where we are going and most of all who we are.
This site is constantly being updated, whether it is the latest piece of information on the NEWS page, a list of our events on the CALENDAR or the ever growing GALLERY.
We hope that the Jomsviking web site shall mirror the dynamism and adventure of our real world Brothers! The RESOURCES section provides articles and info on viking age life. The HEROES gallery shows the Jomsvikings and those others we consider to be Heroes.
Enjoy your visit to this realm of Jomsborg and please come and visit us again, either on the web site or in person.




2014 is set to be an exciting year with some great adventures Check out the 2014 calendar

Ottar Hrafn New Jarl Of jomsborg

Leader ,Showman feeding the flame of Jomsborg


Ottar HrafnOttar Hrafn3

Ottar Hrafn2




Jomsvikings/ Jomsborg

Storm The O2 Arena in london