The Jomsvikings are at the elite level of the much larger organisation of Jomsborg.

Jomsborg is a worldwide organisation dedicated to recreating aspects of viking warrior culture in the modern age. It's 700+ members are divided culturally into five Storms, each led by a Storm commander. The members display a similar level of commitment to historical accuracy and steel weapon combat ability as the Jomsviking Brotherhood. The Jomsborg organisation banner is a red cross on black background, which is also official shield colors of every fighter. Jomsborg has a military command structure: Jarl - Storms - Styrsmen - Drengir (warriors) and household (non-combatants).

Jomsborg is governed by council consisting of 4 Jomsviking council members including the jarl and the 5 storms.

Alban Depper, Ian Judd, Mark Roberts, Greg Konfederak, Igor Górewicz, Francesco Chinchella, Marc Becker, Carl Edmundson, Dave Kilborn.

Alban Depper Ian JuddMark RobertsGreg KonfederakIgor Górewicz Francesco ChinchellaMarc BeckerCarl EdmundsonDave Kilborn

One shield, One Brotherhood!