Phil Burthem - Ulf Eirik memorial Wolin

Philip Burthem, also known as Ulf-Eirik, died in July 2012 at the age of 50. This is the record of his viking memorial ceremony. In 1985 Phil was among the 5 founder members : Alex Web, Mark Roberts, Philip Burthem, Robin Cowley, Robert Taylor, of the Jomsborgelag, one group among many in the UK. But this group was different. This was the seed of the Jomsvikings and the worldwide viking organisation that is now known as Jomsborg. The London-based Jomsborgelag rapidly expanded. The heart of the group was a band of modern day vikings called the Jomsvikings, who took their inspiration from a legendary band of warriors recorded in saga and song. Phil and the Jomsvikings embarked on many adventures into Europe and were instrumental in the growth of the then-embryonic European viking scene. His tireless energy and remarkable ability to inspire others has led to the establishment of lags (fellowships) around the world. This is a worldwide modern viking culture, taking inspiration from the viking warriors of history, and adapting it to the 21st century.