Five Storms

The Jomsvikings are at the top level of the wider organisation of Jomsborg. Jomsborg is a worldwide body for the practice and promotion of viking warrior culture in the modern world. For the purposes of organisation, Jomsborg is divided into five Storms: North, South, East, West and Utland, each governed by a Storm leader. The Storm leaders answer to the Jarl, who is the supreme commander of Jomsborg.

Each division recognises and celebrates the historical and cultural differences of early medieval warriors in different regions of the viking world. Each Storm has individual characteristics, according to the fighting style and leadership of the particular Storm Commander.

Storms themselves are divided into many Lags (warrior groups) under the local command of a Styrsman. Anyone wishing to join Jomsborg should contact a Storm Commander, who may put them in contact with a local Lag.

Anyone wishing to form a Lag within Jomsborg must apply to particular Storm leader. If suitable, they may be granted prospect status, with the aim of eventually attaining the level of an oathsworn (full membership) Lag.