Events 2018

                                                  Einn skjöldr, eitt bræðralag

Old Norse, one shield, one brotherhood.

There are many events coming up in 2018. Here is a list of the major ones.

If there are any changes to dates or you need to add an event  please let me know,   Grunmark



EASTSTORM TRAINING. Feb. 3rd. Szczecin, Poland. Contact Igor.


Ask international training weekend. March 2-4, South Jutland, Denmark. 250 fighters, great training weekend. See Facebook.


Knox Festival, March 3-4, Australia. Living history with the public. Contact Fathma at


NORTHSTORM TRAINING. March 23-25, Schothorst, Netherlands. Contact Marc.


THE GREAT GATHERING. April 6-9. Contact your Storm leader. Over 450 participants, all styles of fighting and craft workshops.


Melbourne Museum, April 8-13, Australia. Living History with public involvement, contact Fathma at


Viking Fest Highams Park  May 11-13th  London Highams Park  contact: Maximas Von Bracey


Copenhagen Medieval Market. May 18-20. Denmark. Large Viking section, market and show fights organised by Bjarne


NEUSTADT-GLEWE BURGFEST June 1-2. North Germany. Intense Huscarl battles and training. Contact Igor.


THE GATHERING, June 8-11, Australia. Private Althing of the Sudhird with other groups, fight, craft and feast. Contact Fathma at


THE BATTLE OF VLAARDINGEN June 9-10.Netherlands. 1000 year anniversary reenactment,Western style shows and competition fights. Contact Marc.


THE DAYS OF THE SLAVS July 18-22 Oldenburg, north Germany. Show fighting weekend and market in open air museum, hosted by Starigard Lag. Contact Sebastian


THE BATTLE OF TRELLEBORG July 16-22, Zealand, Denmark. Great fighting, all styles. Contact Marc.


MOESGAARD July 23-29 Jutland, Denmark. Intense western fighting week. Contact your Storm leader.


RIBE FIGHTING WEEK July 30-August 5, Jutland, Denmark. Skirmishing week in the fantastic Vikng Center. Contact Marc.


WOLIN VIKING AND SLAVIK FESTIVAL July 30-August 5, the world's largest viking age battle, eastern style, and excellent market.


END OF SEASON CAMP September 13-15, Tirol, Italy. Hosted by Vargroed Lag. Small friendly camp and training in beautiful landscape. Contact Soldi


St. Ives Medieval Faire September 22-23, Australia. A big public show with living history and educational entertainment for the public. Contact Fathma at

JOMSBORG TRAINING IN EINDHOVEN September 28-30, Netherlands. Open training, mostly western, hosted by Ulvescare Lag. Contact


HIKG BATTLE October 11-14, Germany. Intense fighting weekend, similar to western style. Contact Marc.