East Storm

New Fire is Born! Screams the Slavic heart, and out of the ashes comes a new Viking Age.

The East Storm Warhost is like a Lightning bolt, where it strikes, the battle is there, drawing all of the most ruthless and energetic leaders to the same place. The world turns, and Igor Gorewicz ignites the winds of war, and the turn of the tide.

Spanning from the very reaches of Vinland (Canada) to East Poland, swathes of Land have come together in mutual allegiance to fight under the East Storm Banner, and serve there Knyaz. Bound by sacred oaths, the duty of each man only stops upon death.

Culturally, the East Storm is a mix of war forces, each one has its own identity and this makes each different from the next, but they are still bound by the same un-codified rules of honour.

Our members range from experienced fighters both competitively and in showmanship, to those completely new to the culture of a 'modern viking'. We participate in a variety of events and activites including film & tv, gaming industry and other media work, living history demonstrations, lectures for schools and educational institutions. We also take part and demonstrate both publically and privately our show fighting. We have participated in battles which have included audience of 20,000 - 60,000 + watching our performances.

Not only is the East Storm renown for its warriors, it also holds a large selection of traders and crafters which are seen regularly all over the world.

Our groups (lags): 
Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa (Triglav) [Szczecin/Warsaw - Poland] 
Nordelag  [Tricity - Poland]
Miklagard [Tricity - Poland] 
Vinland [Canada]
Miklagard Ulflag [London - UK]
Odin Følgesvenner [France] 
Ulvborg [Białystok - Poland]