The Jomsviking brotherhood is a fighting organisation and rigorous training is at the heart of the Jomsviking experience. Each Jomsviking is proficient in many weapons and can turn their hand to different styles, be they competitive or theatrical. Without a committed desire to improve through ongoing training, the Jomsvikings would not have achieved the standards they now display.


WESTERN. This is a competetive system with a restricted target area, notably excluding the head. Very little armour needs to be worn and emphasis is placed on great control and skill with the weapons. This leads to a fast and furious, highly mobile fighting style.

EASTERN. This is also a competetive system with restricted target area, with the head included. More armour is commonly worn, leading to a more blood-and-guts style, with battles characterised by their power and ferocity.

HUSCARL, also known as HEMA, or MASK FIGHTING, is a martial art, rather than a competition style. There are no target restrictions, and the focus is on practising the realistic use of viking age weaponry.

SHOWFIGHTING. This is a style intended to thrill and entertain an audience. A performance is arranged with a narrative, and staged to fit the type of audience in question. Nevertheless, expertise with the weapons means choreography is unnecessary. Improvisation and ad-lib elements ensure a freshness and immediacy, and maintain a direct involvment with the public. This style also lends itself well to filmwork.