An army has many limbs, without which the brain cannot function. The information in this page details the structure and rules by which the Jomsvikings and their allies conduct themselves, and the responsibilities which various officers undertake. All organisations within The Army of Jomsborg have separate constitutions. These constitutions are designed to allow the maximum possible freedom of action for individuals whilst retaining loyalty and order within each organisation and The Army of Jomsborg. All members of The Army of Jomsborg are expected to portray themselves as members of tenth/eleventh century Viking society, or societies the Vikings came into contact with. However all members are expected to have a full set of Viking kit in addition to any other culture they may portray. It should be the aim of all members of The Army of Jomsborg to make it the premier organisation portraying Viking age life. Another aim of the Army of Jomsborg is to make it the best organisation for all members; one that allows all members to explore Viking age life in a safe and entertaining manner. The Brotherhood of Jomsborg is an international Brotherhood of Viking age warriors and consists of a number of different elements including the Army of Jomsborg, who have sworn oaths of loyalty and allegiance to each other. The Brotherhood of Jomsborg contains the following elements...
The Council of the Jomsvikings(The Banner) Control the objectives and running of the Arm of Jomsborg, the Council elect all officerships including the position of Jarl.
The Jarl of the Jomsvikings This position holds the right of executive power in the duty of conflict resolution. The Jarl is resposable for representing the interests of the Army of Jomsborg ,The Jarl is elected by the Council and is responsible to the Council for his actions.
Jomsviking All members of the Council, and the Jarl, hold the primary rank of Jomsviking. All Jomsvikings are equal in rank. Positions of responsibility held by individual Jomsvikings can confer authority over other Jomsvikings whilst the position is held.
Styrsman This is a position of authority within The Jomsborgelag and The Household. The holder of this rank is appointed by the Jarl of the Jomsvikings, and continues to hold either the rank of Jomsviking, Dreng, or Gestir alongside the rank of Styrsman. A Styrsman will swear in loyalty to the Banner ,the Jarl of the Jomsvikings (Ulf Eirik) as his men and swear allegiance to Jarl Einar of Jomsborg in friendship.
Dreng This is the basic rank for all members of The Jomsborgelag, unless they happen to already hold higher rank.
Gestir This is the basic rank for all members of The Household, unless they happen to already hold higher rank.