Becoming a Jomsviking

Few have what it takes to become a Jomsviking Brother. A warrior cannot request promotion to the Brotherhood; they must be invited to take a combat test once they have proved that they have the right personality. Should a warrior pass this test, and gain the agreement of the existing Jomsvikings, they may be awarded the status of Jomsviking in a personal ceremony. There they will be given the Jomsviking ring once it has been passed from hand to hand amongst the other Jomsvikings. Promotion to Jomsviking is a singular honour, one that has been accorded to few and gives a long lasting bond with the other Jomsvikings.

Entrance to the Jomsviking Brotherhood is by invitation only and follows the successful completion of a stringent combat test. If you think you have what it takes to be part of our organisation please go to the Jomsborg section and click on our Recruitment section.